I was born in Scotland in 1966, the year England won the world cup at football.  I chose to study at university in my home country not only because it is cheaper to stay at home and I was tied to my Mother’s apron strings, but we do have some damn fine educational establishments.  Students from all over the world come to Scotland to study at our universities.  Our future king of UK chose Stirling University to study.  I’m a home bird and have never lived very far from the place I was born.  Call me settled, I will say I am content and happy with my location.

For me I feel very lucky to have been born in Scotland. I’m not what many think of a typical Scot, I don’t drink alcohol, I’m not a scotch pie hand, I’ve never smoked, tablet is something I surf the net on not a sugar filled dessert that will make my teeth fall out.  Up until my carcinoid syndrome diagnosis I was fairly fit and exercised regularly.  However, I do have the health statistic of an ill Scot.  Let’s say if I was footing the financial bill for my healthcare rather than getting it all from the NHS I would not be here today.  I am starting to write a blog alongside this one, it will cover various aspects about Scotland.  I want to share what we have to offer, this will be done through postings in a variety of ways.  There will be tales from the past as well as the present.  Landscape slide shows.  Reminiscing.   The country may only be 78.387 square kilometres in size but it has a lot to offer, as do the folk.

If you would like to take a peak at my new blog and start following, comment or share, please take a look at

Have a good day, guys.

The Western Highlands in Winter.




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