Bye Lavita you have been a lifesaver

Its the start of the weekend I’m in my own home and boy am I glad to be so.  A few weeks ago I was in hospital with yet another infection.   It started of I wasn’t feeling too good, said to my nurse I felt horrid, my tummy began to swell, my temp rose, […]

Dedication of my nurse & new dressings

Eleven months ago I switched from nasogastric tube feeding to gastrostomy tube.  After a lengthy stay and several other stays in hospital with complications, sepsis and months of continual leakage.  It is apparent that the surrounding area is never going to totally heal.  The health professionals have tried their best.  I am lucky to have […]

Intravenous Antibiotics is The Way Forward

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m having some quiet time with my family.  My mobile telephone rings.  I instantly see it’s a call from the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.  I answer it, it’s the little lovely young GI doctor, Alex, I saw on Thursday.  Your swab results are in.  I hear him say.  The oral antibiotics […]

Emotions 😀😁😂☺️😘😈

Im so happy to be home.  I feel free from the clinical walls of the ward.  When I walked into our home on the Friday evening I really hoped to myself this would be it, I would be home now till out patient appointments.  Certainly no more in stay hospital visits for a while.  I […]

Leaving hospital after five weeks in the ward

The decision to discharge me from hospital wasn’t taken lightly.  My tummy was still leaking when I had any oral intake.  My body was tolerating the feed through the pej which was the important thing. The drive home was wonderful, I soaked in the scenery as Steve drove us home.  I appreciated all the countryside […]

Some ward time to make me better

The nurse and porter transferred me from the surgical obs unit ward to the surgical ward 106.  I was put in base a in a room of 4 ladies.  The staff were efficient and attentive and catered to every whim.  They made sure I was comfortable and had my buzzer right beside me.    All […]

25 October 2015 – Blue light back to the hospital

The paramedics have me safely in the ambulance – we will have you there in no time toots, I hear.  ” just for you, I will out the blue light on, and his nibs, may press the nee naw button on the odd occasion”   I can hear lots of voices, familiar machine noises.  A […]